UX & Design Leader | Strategic ThinkerProfessional Mountain Bike Instructor

With 20+ years of experience, I specialize in designing user-focused high-tech software, firmware, and hardware products for manufacturing across all scales.
I love building and leading design teams, emphasizing empowerment for innovation and building trust both internally and externally.

Comfortable at all organizational levels, I offer leadership in strategic thinking, product management, roadmap planning, UX, GUI design, and more.

I advocate a holistic approach, valuing quick thinking, rapid prototyping, and collaborative problem-solving in dynamic, motivated teams. I thrive on challenging, complex technology products that need to deliver high-value to customer.  And I get very excited about product-led growth strategies to drive product adoption.
On my personal side I'm a lover of the outdoors and a certified professional mountain bike instructor with Ride Ottawa.  (Check out my ride bio). I publish skills, travel and training related bike content and I'm constantly working to grow the local bike community and promote healthy living.

Please use the Contact Form to reach me with any questions.
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