With over 20 year's experience designing user-focused, high-technology products for volume manufacturing, I have deep knowledge and the hands-on skills required to help your company get product ready for market.  
Uniquely, I work on both hardware and software programs to help solve design problems, make things easier to use, and define efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions to get to market on schedule.
I am comfortable working at all levels within any organization from the C-suite to the manufacturing floor and provide leadership, vision, and support in Industrial & Mechanical design, Visual & Experience Design including packaging, and User Experience & Graphic User Interface development.
I appreciate a holistic way of solving design problems in collaborative teams, and I like accelerated methodologies:  Thinking quick, whiteboarding ideas, building rapid prototypes, and learning through testing.  But never discounting the intuition and experiences of team members.  I love working as a part of any development group where the people are driven and motivated, the projects are unique and the impact is potentially significant.  I’m a believer that the age of connectedness and love working on complex technology products.   And I like products and markets that are challenging to develop for.
On my personal side I'm a lover of the outdoors and spend a lot of time mounting biking, bike packing and instructing with Ride Ottawa.  (Check out my ride bio). I'm a business & social media marketing junkie, and creator of online content, regularly posting articles on training, skills, and the material I think will help to inform and grow the local bike community.
I love to present and talk about my past project and process and to meet new people.  It would be great to visit with you and learn about what your company is doing so we can think more about how I could contribute to your projects and larger business objectives.
A snapshot of some of my work can be viewed in the PROJECTS section on this site. 
You can start the conversation by getting in touch at:  info@wingspan-design.ca 
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