UX & Design Leader | Strategic Thinker

I am a user-focused and business-aligned design leader with 20+ years of experience developing products. I investigate and analyze problems and brainstorm, design an iterate strategy and experiences that deliver customer value. I love to build and mentor teams and support the growth and progression of others. As a Design Leader I inspire and elevate to drive innovation through design thinking, collaboration, and open communication.

Smart Home Energy Controls
Improving energy usage patterns with better information and simple controls.
Industrial Designer, Hardware UX, Engineering
Team Mission Statement Workshop
To strengthen our design team we conducted a multi-day collaborative workshop to align with company goals and each other.
Design Director, UX Team
Design System Development
To increase design and development efficiency we needed a modular and responsive WGAC compliant design system and component library for use across our PM and software teams.
Design Director, UX Lead, UX Team
Customer Onboarding Improvements
To improve our customer onboarding success rate we needed to make it easy for clients to get 1-on-1 support.
Project Lead, UX Design, PM Coordination
Simple Home Page Improvements
To drive user engagement experiments we needed a range of idea to improve first impressions on the platform landing page.
Design Director, PM, CEO
Modular Audio Guide System
A modular hardware and software concept for location triggered experience delivery.
Design Lead, UX Designer, Customer
Packaging & Identity Development
Eikon Device Inc.
Drone Payload Branding & CMF
The Echo SAR drone payload enables operators to quickly find, map, and interact with mobile phone handsets in fast-moving disaster situations, aiding and boosting first responders’ ability to locate victims and save lives.
Brand & CMF Investigation, Strategy, Graphic Design, Prototyping, Specificati
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