After developing a comprehensive platform concept it was essential to develop a scalable design system for ongoing platform iteration.  This project was designed in stages in order to ensure concurrent development with evolving company Brand standards and ongoing software and systems development.  And initial "blueprint" was developed using Atomic Design principles and used for collaboration and discussion to determine a more refined Design System would included expected elements for different internal and external users.  This led to changes in how UX deliverables were prepared and structured and the selection of a suitable publishing tool and definition of UX process to support the living design system.  Work continues by the existing team on the design system.
Team:  Design Director, UX Lead, UX Team
Role:    UX Team Management, System Strategy, Tools & System, Contributor & Editor
Conceptualized using an Atomic Design System approach.  All system elements designed,  built, linked and managed using Figma.  Design System published using Zeroheight. 
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