As part of early Growth initiatives this simple onboarding pop-over links customers directly with the Customer Experience Team's calendars to drive high-touch engagement with new and renewing customers.
Role:  Project Lead & UX Design
Onboarding first-time users to the platform involved a serious of meetings and follow-ups which were cumbersome to schedule and coordinate.  We needed an  better way to engage with and schedule meetings with eager users.
Work directly with the VP Marketing to understand desired and potential volume user requests to develop a 12 month short-term solution to drive more onboarding sessions.  I investigate 3rd party tools to handle CEM and CRM activities and minimize impact to product roadmap and software development. 
Use 3rd party scheduling tool with API integration for SalesForce CRM and in-use meeting tools Zoom and Go-To-Webinar to provide customers with a mechanism to book meetings directly with their CEM.  Add custom triggered notifications and workflow to introduce CEM on first login, then at regular intervals for additional contact. 
Increased direct onboarding meetings with new and existing customers after renewals by +50%.  Increased direct user contact with Asia-Pacific customers.  This was considered successful but highlighted need for better platform onboarding.
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