Sciemetric Instruments Inc. supplies some of the biggest automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturers with specialized QC software and systems to test their assembly lines.  We were asked to help improve the usability of flagship software and have expanded to handle hardware development of their leak-tester products.  These highly sensitive machines must be 99.9999% reliable in demanding factory environments in a wide range of installations.  The 3520 series has been completely redesigned for NEMA reliability.  The new image and character of the product injects vitality into Sciemetric’s product line and brand.  Working closely with the VP of Technology, we streamlined hoe the product works so that less technical user could produce meaningful results quickly.
Services provided:  Software interaction & user-centered development, user interface & GUI development, In-line testing, GUI Asset preparation, HMI & Interaction specification development, release candidate review, custom customer- specific asset creation.

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